You can be a teacher too

Submitted by Christian Hackett (Manchester High School)

It takes a leader to be a teacher there is one person that has proved to me that they are a leader and a teacher that I looked up to and has taught me valuable lessons. His name is Ronald Kubik, and he was a great family friend, and was like a brother to me. Ron was a smart person, had a good head on his shoulders, and was respected by many people. He has taught me the values of friends,family and life its self of how important they are.
One reason on why Ron is my number 1 teacher is because he saw what he had to for his family, country, and himself. Ron went into the military after high school. Ron went overseas and returned home while he awaited another deployment back to Afghanistan . Before he went back, Ron talked to me and my dad and told us that we have been a family to him and now it was time to give back to his friends ,family and country for our freedom and safety. He had a choice to return to Afghanistan or not, He choose to go back so he can make sure the rest of the team was safe he was the leader.
This proves to me that he was willing to do anything for our country. Also, Ron wanted to be the best of the best, so he went to be a U.S Ranger which is one of the most dangerous jobs in the U.S army.So when you look at it, not everyone would do something, like risking their life just so that we can have ours here in the United States. Ron was brave and had a love for life and taught me that the materialist things we all want in life are not what is important, Its friends and family, and he fits my idea of a teacher perfectly. There are a lot of other reasons on why I look up to him as my role model and always will, but this is the #1 reason on why I do. (THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE) R.I.P SGT. Ronald Kubik, forever my hero, and my Teacher!!

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