One Made All the Difference

Submitted by Samantha Linneman (Keytesville R-3)

My high school career began and I had not been taught any type of English in a year. I started my junior high career and my first Language teacher scared me, but taught me a lot. Afterwards, starting my freshman year, I got a new teacher. At first, I was not sure about her, but she became my favorite teacher. This teacher taught the curriculum and at the same time made learning fun. English became one of my favorite subjects starting this year. Not only did this teacher teach, she also had a special connection with many of the students. I was one of the students that had this connection. My teacher had the ability to speak with her students about their problems, without getting too involved with the students. I never had much of a counselor in my school, and having depression made school hard for me. This teacher had also gone through this and helped me make it through high school and to where I am today. She inspired me to teach, as well as help students through problems. I also know the importance of making learning fun to keep students engaged in the curriculum because my teacher taught this to me.

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