More Than A Teacher

Submitted by Paul Tufis (Russellville High School)

There is only one educator that has inspired me the most, and that is Mr. Campbell. Mr. Campbell is a teacher like no other. I remember my first day as a sophomore walking nervously to Biology class hearing only dark rumors about the difficulty and harshness of Mr. Campbell. Mr. Campbell is tough and he doesn’t give an A easily but he gave me an education that I will remember for a lifetime. Mr. Campbell doesn’t just teach out of textbook and make students take notes, he takes students on field trips to experience the things they are studying. He connects what we’re studying to real life issues. He’s an excellent speaker and is always on the know of what’s happening to our environment. I give Mr. Campbell two or three Yahoo articles a week that have to do with environmental issues and he’s always willing to discuss it with me. Mr. Campbell has a broad range of knowledge and I’m amazed of how he knows so much. I truly believe he’s the smartest teacher at Russellville High School. Mr. Campbell is also extremely helpful. If I didn’t understand a topic in class or if I got a F on a test, Mr. Campbell would study with me explaining what I did wrong and how I can improve. I’ve had one of the lowest grades in both his Biology and AP Environmental Science classes but Mr. Campbell would never give up on me. He supported me in everything I do and was always willing to talk to me. I am grateful to have a teacher like him considering he’s willing to improve my knowledge even though I was one of his worst students. Mr. Campbell not only spends a bunch of his time teaching but he’s also a sponsor of the Outdoor Club and he always has interactive activities for us to do each month. Mr. Campbell is willing to teach students even if it’s on the weekend. Mr. Campbell is the least selfish person I know. He always puts others before himself. Mr. Campbell has not only taught me how to become a better student but he has also shown me how to appreciate the environment and understand that our world is fragile place. Mr. Campbell pushes himself and his students to do better everyday. I’ve never seen a teacher work as hard as him. Mr. Campbell gives a lot and expects nothing back. That’s a character trait very few people have. If I had the opportunity to take Mr. Campbells’ Biology and AP Environmental Science courses all over again, I would take it. Mr. Campbell has done so much for such as writing recommendations, helping me on my science fair project, and he has even made me smart enough to pass the AP Environmental Science exam. Having him as a teacher for two years has been an incredible experience and I’ll never forget the things I’ve learned, the places I’ve seen, and the memories I’ve made.

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