Making My First Day Easier

Submitted by Teylor Douglas-Perkins (Lincoln College Preparatory Academy)

The thing that I love about my First Sergeant in JROTC, First Sergeant Herman L. Brown, is that he doesn’t hesitate to make those who are new to the JROTC program or to the school welcomed. I distinctly remember him welcoming me into the LCPA doors with open arms. He had a huge smile on his face because he saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself. He invested much time and effort into making me the leader that I am today. Because of him building me up and raising me up to my highest potential, I am now the Battalion Commander of the entire Lincoln College Prep Academy JROTC Battalion. He has pushed me further than I imagined to be pushed and he has challenged me to take charge and lead in situations that I thought I’d never be faced with. For these things, I thank him. He’s been such an inspiration and motivation to me in these past four years. This scholarship would be great and very beneficial both to me and to my school.

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