Life is like a marathon

Submitted by Kerry Trotter (Elk Grove High School)

Senora Ashida, my AP spanish teacher, has become not only my favorite teacher, but one of my favorite people ever. She is the most energetic, passionate, and joyful person. Throughout the year she compared our journey of getting ready for the AP test, and many other life challenges, to that of training for a marathon. She explained that a little work, (or training,) everyday, and increasing it slowly, would eventually get us to our big picture, goal, (or marathon.) In our case, it was passing the spanish AP test with at least a three. To start off the year, many of us were not fluent in spanish, or even knew it enough to understand her when she spoke. (Senora strictly spoke spanish in class, unless we were completely lost and needed clarification.) She made it her mission to help us train for this day by making spanish fun, but extremely helpful as well. I went from dreading spanish class, to it becoming the best part of the day. She helped each of us individually, by gifting us books in spanish that she thought fit our different personalities, recommending spanish telenovelas, and sending each of us popular latino songs by email. She was our trainer. Everyday she ran with us in our training, and in the end, our success and growth as students and individuals is all thanks to her. She always pushed us, but at the same time, encouraged us. Next week is the AP test, or the big race as senora would say. Because of her, im confident that all 87 students will not only pass, but exceed everyone’s expectations.

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