Why did you choose your major?

Weather you are heading off to college for the first time in the fall, trying to nail down a course of study, or about to head into finals, your college major is probably on your mind constantly. Choosing a major is an important decision that will impact your college career as well as life after college. Some students love their major right away, while others switch majors multiple times.

Why did you choose your major? Take our latest poll and let us know. We can’t wait to see what you all say and hopefully your answers will help other students make their decision.

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  1. I chose to be a doctor in the cancer patient section because my family all suffers from numerous types so i have been around it my whole life and always wanted to help those in need. So this choice was me, making the world a better place.

  2. I chose to study Library Science to fulfill a life long dream. The library was my favorite place on the planet when I was young and I was always the librarians assistant. I graduated in 1987 and didn’t have the money to pursue this education so I studied Accounting at a vocational school and enjoyed a 20 year career in that field; however, I always wondered “what if?”. I’m finally back and ready to get the education I always wanted. Choosing a major can be difficult but this is your opportunity to become anything and live your dream so choose wisely!

  3. Because from since young I like watching crime scenes on tv.

  4. I chose my major because it’s the only thing I can ever see myself doing in life. :)

  5. oh yeah, my major is music performance. i’ll be attending berklee college of music in the fall

  6. music is present wherever i am and brings me such joy. i cant think of any better way to spend my life than bringing that joy to others

  7. You can always find a job as a nurse.

  8. I chose my major because I enjoyed creating things and hoped that one day it will lead me into one of my favorite hobbies; video games. My major is Graphic Design.

  9. I chose my major because I couldn’t decide if I wanted to teach history or religious studies. So I combined the two into a Liberal Studies degree which will allow me to teach both at a community college once I obtain/earn my Master’s degree in Education.

  10. My major is anthropology and I chose it because it is the closest I can get to understanding people and how culture influences their daily lives. I found my passion before I chose a major which made it much easier to fit what I wanted into the school curriculum.

  11. I chose my major, because I have dreamed about making video games my entire life. Hopefully, once I graduate I will be able to take my thoughts and designs and establish them into real games.

  12. Correction: “Whether you are heading…” :)

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