How will college students be spending summer break?

It may only be the end of March, but college students are already making plans for their long summer break. Students are usually out of school from mid-May until late August giving them a nice chunk of time to make money, travel or even get extra classes out of the way. recently surveyed nearly 700 members to find out how they are planning to spend their summer break. The results were not surprising. An overwhelming majority of students (54%) said that they would be working over their summer break. Twenty-one percent of students said they would be taking summer classes, 10% said they would be traveling, and 15% said they would be doing absolutely nothing with their time.

Feedback from members who said they would be working made it clear that they would save some time for fun too. One member said, “I will be working and going out with friends. I also plan to rock climb and swim.” A few members also suggested that they would spend some of their time volunteering.

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  1. Its true because I also too plan to work for this summer.

  2. I think these results are acurate and show that this generation is hard working and can balance time to have fun.

  3. I am working at my school this summer. I get to take a few classes, and enjoy a relaxing summer in a place I love.

  4. What ever you plan on doing this summer, do it safely.

  5. Just be safe !! what ever it is you plan on doing this summer.

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