Why should you join ScholarshipPoints?

Today we have the third post in the Campus Point Person guest blogger series. Today’s post is brought to you by Roseline Nwaubani, the Campus Point Person for Georgia Southwestern State University. She will be giving you three reasons to join ScholarshipPoints!

Top three reasons why students should join Scholarship Points

1)    No GPA Required: Many students I know want to apply for scholarships both online and with their school, but due to the fact that their GPA is not up to standards they miss out. This causes a lot of students to have a hard time focusing on their academics. Students drop out of school because they have no money to pay for fees. Today I bring to all the students good news that ScholarshipPoints is the site that you have been looking for. No GPA is required for you to apply for ScholarshipPoints scholarships.

2)    No Essay Required: Students don’t love writing essays for school or for scholarships. Sometimes this causes students to not even apply at all. Have you been thinking of how to write your essay in order to apply for a scholarship? Well think no more because I bring to you a scholarship that you can apply for with no essay needed. Your prayers have been answered so hurry and sign up for ScholarshipPoints!

3)    Easy to apply: Have you been thinking about how to apply for a scholarship because it is too time consuming? Well think no more because ScholarshipPoints is easy. It doesn’t take you more than 10 minutes to sign-up and you are done.

Those are my top three reasons why I think students should join ScholarshipPoints. Always remember that I said no GPA required, no essay and it is easy to join. I encourage students today to register for ScholarshipPoints. You will not regret it!

Join ScholarshipPoints today!

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