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Today we have the fourth post in the Campus Point Person guest blogger series. Today’s post is brought to you by De’Arana Lewis, the Campus Point Person for Heritage High School. She will be giving you some scholarship search suggestions!

I believe everyone should get a decent shot at education. Searching for scholarships can be a very difficult task and also a tab bit stressful. Finding money for college can also be frustrating and irritating. Don’t you worry about it because in addition to, I’ve picked out a few websites that are helpful, easy, and free.


When you have the chance take a look at these websites. They will help you find scholarship money and you can also win scholarships. Trust me, I know how hard it was before I got introduce to these sites. No one really like paying for college. If you stay true to yourself and do what is needed to be done then good things will happen. When you’re not busy, sit down and take the time to go through the sites carefully. I want people to succeed and feel happy that there getting settled. Even if you need help, the website will guide you through so don’t worry about being confused or stress out. If you actually take the time to search the web, you’ll find scholarships for being tall, short, Hispanic, African American, wearing glasses, or academics. Don’t feel as if you can’t do it because you can if you just put in work. I once thought finding scholarships was hard and dumb, but until I really told myself that De’Arana you can really do it, I pushed harder and still do to this day. Trust me, in the end it feels good to know you started somewhere. It gets easier once you’re focus and willing to find scholarships. You can succeed. Don’t let nobody tell you otherwise.


  1. I am a junior in hs and I am going to pursue a degree in environmental science. I need any suggestions in applying for scholarship money.

  2. All of these websites are good, but it does not change the fact that each and every one of them are set up like a lottery system or the way a voting ballot is stuffed with hundreds of thousands of “votes”, all in the hopes of gaining an advantage of being selected as a winner. In All Honesty, there is no “Random Selection” in ANY of the sites, including

    Even still, I, like everyone else, participate and “gain points” for “drawings” in hopes of being picked out of millions of other people to win scholarship money for their college or university. I’ve been on this and other websites for 2+ years and have Never Won a single scholarship, but even I know that this and other sites are part of the Capitalist System; Making Money in ‘giving money’.


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