Member-to-member ScholarshipPoints tips!

Today we have the second post in the Campus Point Person guest blogger series. Today’s post is brought to you by Samantha Kelley, the Campus Point Person for Eastern Michigan University. She will be sharing some ScholarshipPoints tips with you!

ScholarshipPoints makes entering scholarships fun. They are free to join and easy to earn system gives you the chance to be one of multiple winners a month. Keep reading to learn how to reach your full potential with ScholarshipPoints!

Seize the opportunities:  There are many chances to earn bonus points. The ‘Earn Points’ page will give you a list of all the activities you can do to start racking up points. Checking out your local Groupon gets you an easy 15 points daily! Codes can also be found in emails, as well as periodically posted on the Facebook and Twitter pages. The more activities you do, the more points you earn, and the more chances you will have to win a scholarship!

Spread the word: You can earn more points just by referring your friends! You will receive a point for every share, tweet, or email you send. Every click through on a link gets you 25 points, and any full sign up gets you 200 points. And that’s not all – if someone you refer wins a scholarship up to $1,000, you win it too!

Strategize: Do you want to save up all your points for one big drawing, or spread them out? You can win with 10,000 points or with 1 point, so your odds are up to you! I make sure to enter points into every drawing. The amount I enter depends on how big the prize is – typically ranging from 500 points for the $10,000 and down to 100 points for a $500 drawing.



  1. So I forgot my password and I have requested a new password. Its been two days and I haven’t received an email on how to reset it. So I went back in to the website and requested it multiple times and still no email. How can I access my profile and how long does it take to reset a password? Is there an easier way to do this?

  2. How do you “Checking out your local Groupon gets you an easy 15 points daily”? I signed up for Groupon and logged in yesterday, but did not get the 15 Points.

    • Hi there! In order to get the points for this activity you have to do the activity on every day!

  3. This was very helpful,I thought I needed crazy amounts of points to enter for a scholarship,thanks guys this was very helpful!

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